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Our all-natural and organic services are safer to use around children, pets, and the environment.

Mosquitos in Mass

Mosquito Control Recurring Spray Services for Weston, MA

Mosquito populations are exploding across Weston, Massachusetts. Typically, the most common way of dealing with mosquitoes is to slather on a toxic mosquito repellent or hire a mosquito spraying company that utilizes arsh chemicals, which end up in our waterways and poisoning our environment. At Pure Solutions, we are the experts in all-natural mosquito control. For over 10 years we have been safely eliminating mosquitoes in backyards across Weston, Massachusetts.

Tick Control Recurring Spray Services For Weston, MA

Tick-borne illnesses continue to increase across New England. Weston, Ma is not immune to what is happening across the region. Our recurring all-natural tick spray service can give you peace of mind knowing that tick populations are being knocked down with a regular occurrence across your property. Our solution is essential oil based and safer to use than typical chemical insecticides. Your lawn can be used about 30 minutes after service is complete and our solution continues to perform even after a rain. Ticks are thriving across Weston, MA, give us a call today to see how we can help!

All-natural Tick Control in Weston, MA
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Weston, MA Organic Lawn Care Services

Drought, weeds, grubs, and poor soil health are just a few reasons why your lawn may not be thriving. Another reason may be years of toxic chemical fertilizer use. Our all-organic lawn care program can help ween your lawn off these harsh fertilizers and go back to its natural state, where it can thrive and better adapt to changes in the environment. Lawns across Weston, Ma have seen the benefits of working with Pure Solutions and their turf has never been more healthy. From soil testing to organic composting, our team will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to thrive in Weston, Massachusetts.

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Based on 137 reviews
PS service has been great due their programs and diligence of their techs.
Great local company, all natural, safe products around children and pets, safe for the environment. Highly recommend.
They did an awsome job. Fast and efficient. Bugs much more under control
We have been using Pure Solutions for 3 years now, and have been really pleased. They're literally the only company we use to service something for our home where we literally have nothing we wish was different. They're incredibly attentive and responsive, have great attitudes on the phone anytime we call, are very reasonably priced, do what they say they'll do when they say it, etc.Of high importance to us is that they use non-toxic products and they work. We have chemical sensitivity issues in our family, and also have dealt with Lyme disease. We want as much protection from ticks as possible, yet can't handle the typical cocktail of chemicals most services use. Pure Solutions uses products that have had literally zero impact on anyone in our house, and we have not seen a tick in years, despite living in a very tick-heavy area with plenty of little animals around our property.So thankful to have found Pure Solutions. We can't say enough good things about them.
My backyard is usually swarming with mosquitoes due to wetlands in close proximity. It’s been so nice to be able to enjoy our yard without being eaten alive…and not needing to spray ourselves with bug spray. My dog is also very happy! I highly recommend Pure Solution. Excellent customer service as well!
Came with a great reputation (neighbors and colleagues had recommended) and they have lived up to it. Flexible, punctual and courteous service. Limited constraints on using the yard after (just wait 45 mins) and lots of peace of mind. Highly recommend!
Thank you Pure Solutions! Our lawn looks terrific - thanks to your good care. And a special Thank You to Spencer for all your help. You are always so helpful, professional and a pleasure to speak with.
Wonderful service! Sitting outside now is bug free. They do a great, quick job that really works. Thank you;)
Since it was the first time my yard was sprayed, I cannot tell how effective it is for ticks & mosquitoes control right now. Other than that, the technician is very nice & responsive & knowledgeable. He is doing great. The company is also very easy to work with and very responsive. I picked the company since they uses natural way to treat my area.
Pure Solutions has been a part of our home services for several years. With two children and two dogs, our yard gets a lot of action. Since beginning services our family has been protected with ease and success. We especially value the non chemical treatments and focus on safety. Their customer service has been excellent, reliable and accommodating. I highly recommend Pure Solutions for piece of mind and effectiveness. They also educate their customer with articles and industry updates and I appreciate the information. Keep up the great service!Thank you.
Pure Solutions is an organic alternative to mosquito and tick control. We have had only 2 treatments and already see the results. They are professional and reliable.
I have been using Pure Solutions for over 3 years now and have been very happy with their responsiveness as well as customer service. I have moved from pest control services to now organic lawn maintenance that includes fertilizer and weed control with seeding! Overall looking forward to a great outdoors!
We are very happy with Pure Solutions. We were looking for a tick and mosquito solution that we felt comfortable using with our young kids and a dog. It works great, ticks down 99% (we live next to conservation land), mosquitos down 100%. Great customer service, easy scheduling. Highly recommend.
Honest, timely, prompt response to questions and lawn looks good
The representative I spoke with knew my property and current services. He understood my issue - crabgrass infestation. He provided a solution with instructions and scheduled the application for early the following week. I received confirmation of the visit and application. Very professional and responsive.
Sheamus always does a superb job and is always happy. He is also very helpful.
Tick and mosquito spray, tech paid extra attention to dog walking areas and we really appreciate that service.
We recommend Pure Solutions to all of our landscape clients! They are the best for tick and mosquito control!
We have been using Pure Solutions for years now. As someone who was completely bedridden from Lyme + other tick borne diseases, and then studied to learn how to heal, I wanted to do something to protect my yard/family from ticks & mosquitos, but I didn't want to further negatively impact our health, or the health of the planet/wildlife, by using pesticides. That is why I am SO GRATEFUL for Pure Solutions! Not only do they provide a service I can feel good about, but they actually CARE. So knowledgable and always willing to explain things or talk about the latest knowledge they have acquired. I recommend them to everyone!
Last year was the first year we used Pure Solutions for mosquito control. I was extraordinarily impressed by their professionalism, their prompt responses and above all was very happy with the fact that their treatments worked very well. Last year we spent a lot of time on our deck , this was possible only because of the efficacy of their methods, there were hardly any mosquitoes to be found once they treated our yard! Amazing indeed. Thank you Robert for your prompt responses and efficiency . Will definitely go back to them again.
We are quite pleased with Pure Solutions' tick and mosquito prevention service and we enthusiastically recommend them to others. They are unfailingly prompt and reliable and customer service is excellent. We also appreciate the opportunity to patronize this local business!
They took care of my lawn. Even with the drought we had this summer, once we got some rain my lawn looks terrific. I love that they are organic.
The product works , the customer service is outstanding, and it is affordable, especially if you consider what it would cost if you got Lyme disease!It is really nice not getting mosquito bites in the summer.
We have used Pure Solutions for a more than few years now. We have two dogs & live on a property with a large pond. So, we were concerned about ticks & mosquitoes-especially now with EEE.Since we started using Pure Solutions, we rarely find a tick on either one (more likely they get them when taking walks elsewhere) and we are able to sit outside & enjoy dinner, fire pit etc w/very little issue of mosquitoes. (I am a mosquito magnet so I am very grateful ) Also, the fact that it’s natural & the scent is actually ok makes it that much better. They are thorough, efficient & get the job done quickly!Lastly, the people who run & work for the company are so customer focused. Always texting ahead of time to let us know when they’re coming & always leave a placard saying that they’ve been here. Pricing is very reasonable as well!
Pure Solutions is great! Oftentimes my dog would come in from our yard with ticks on her. They were able to adjust their formula to control the ticks in our yard, so that I've hardly seen any since I started using them 5 years ago. If I'm home when they come to my house, they always take the time to ask how tick & mosquito activity has been and if they should make any further adjustments. They're very responsive & friendly - I highly recommend them!
I was skeptical that this company's nontoxic products would work against our tick infestation. I'm now a true believer. We've seen no ticks since Pure Solutions began, and we can sit outside at night now without mosquitos viewing us as their dinner.
We've used Pure Solutions for 5 years for mosquito/tick spraying. It's worked so well: we can sit outside with few mosquito bites, and our goldendoodle rarely has ticks on her. Today's technician took extra care to spray into the heavily wooded landscape at the edge of our lawn where we know many many ticks and mosquitos live. The adults in our house have had different tick-borne diseases, and we’re so grateful for this extra effort.
Fantastic service very reasonable for being all Organic. Our family and pets are protected and time outside is enriched by their service. Massive improvement in our lawn. Very noticeable compared to other lawns around us.
Great service, faster than expected good results. They do what they promise, and that's rare these days. My lawn looks so much better, and no poison!
This is our third season with Pure Solutions. We love the fact that their products are all natural and their mosquito and tick control is excellent!! Our service technician Duffy is always on time and very professional. He goes the extra mile to make sure we’re happy with the results. And we are very happy. I highly recommend Pure Solutions.
Pure Solutions has been servicing my home for multiple years with their all-natural products. Their product has helped eliminate any tick and mosquito activity in our yard so we can enjoy our outside pool and firepit areas all season long, a true pleasure that we were not able to fully enjoy during evening hours prior to their service.Also, we have developed some nice landscaping around these areas and during the winter months we have our property protected with their Deer spray and it has made a tremendous difference in helping us from Deer damaged shrubs (Evergreens, Holly's,Rodo's.....).Finally, I have met their field Technicians when they have been doing the application treatments and they are always pleasant, professional and have time for my questions about the application and the product, very much appreciated !!!
Signing up online was super easy and fast, quote was instant. Very good customer portal and fantastic communication. Very smooth customer experience and the actual treatment works very well. We noticed a lot less mosquitos!
Angel did a heck of a good job every time he comes he’s always on time he’s always polite he always make sure he covers the whole yard to make sure we have adequate coverage to get rid of the mosquitoes he’s the man I’m so happy that he continues to come to my house and I hope that he continues to come next year as we continue to use the service he’s just a great employee and you know even my wife loves him
They show up in time and communicate clearly when they will be there. The service has made a noticeable difference in our yard with regard to mosquitos. Would recommend!
We’re really happy the quality of the non toxic lawn products. The staff is professional and communicative. Our lawn has never looked better!
Super convenient user portal, great communication (by text/email, easy to squeeze in gaps during the day), speedy turnaround time, online payment, great value, natural & safe product. Recommended by my neighbors and I would pass on the recommendation too!
Duffy was very personable, and professional. This is our second year with PS, and we highly recommend them for natural tick and mosquito control.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Pure Solutions for your organic lawn care needs. Firstly, I was thrilled to find a lawn care service that offered organic solutions. Having gone through a season with them, I can say that the Pure Solutions' team is literally the most responsive, friendly, and responsible service business I have ever encountered, period. They ALWAYS answer the phone, and are truly happy to help. Their field technicians take pride in their work and are very detail-oriented.
Love Pure Solutions! We used to not be able to go outside because of how bad our mosquitoes were, but now we enjoy dinner outside and time on the porch. Our dog has also not had one tick since we started using them. They are professional and courteous. A couple of weeks ago after they came, it seemed the mosquitoes were still around and they even came back for free, effectively eliminating our yard pests in a natural way. Highly recommend.
The natural solution works great for ticks and mosquitoes and my lawn which previously struggled has come up great.
We have both Pure Solutions' organic tick & mosquito control and their organic lawn care services done at our property and are very impressed by the results of organics. Our lawn was in dire shape with weeds and dead soil and after contracting Pure Solutions we now have a lush lawn and healthy soil. They even provide regular soil analysis to show improvements over time! As for tick and mosquito control, their product works great. Our dog can now spend time in the back yard without picking up ticks each time she is out and we have piece of mind when the grandchildren come over.
So nice to find an all natural solution to our mosquito problem. What a difference. We can sit in our back yard again and don't have to worry about the dog licking chemicals off his paws. Our tech, Mohamed, is the best. Very professional, polite, knowledgeable, on time. Another thing I appreciate is when I call, someone answers the phone.
This company does a great job at keeping mosquitos and ticks away. Seamus is a pleasure to talk to whenever he comes over.
Thank you! I always appreciate the communication and responsiveness of Pure Solutions.
Pure Solutions takes the guess work out of lawn maintenance, and they do it with organic and sustainable products in a timely fashion. Even though I would prefer less grass (and more flowers) they are respectful of my pollinator garden. Our lawn has never been as healthy nor looked as good as it does now. We are so very happy and relieved that we no longer have to think about it.
Pure Solutions is a pleasure to work with - easy to interact with, super responsive, and proactive. We have used them to rehab the lawn of our recently-purchased property as well as to apply mosquito/tick treatments. We have been happy with the results of both and are especially pleased that Pure Solutions has been willing to tweak our programs as the season has unfolded. Highly recommend working with Pure Solutions!
Pure Solutions is a very organized and professional company making them very easy to do business with
Great organic service that actually works! Have not found a tick on my dog or kids in a long time! Highly recommend them.
I just had abdominal surgery the same day as an ice storm and could not clear my own driveway. I reached out to pure solutions to see if they could help. I use them for lawn service but I do my own snow removal. Not only did they agree to help with their already busy schedule, they did it in record time. They even cleared out walkways since they knew I could not. This is a great company. Outstanding scheduling, customer service, and quality of service delivery.
Great people, attentive, professional, fast, friendly!
We've been using Pure Solutions for several years and have seen a dramatic decrease in mosquitos and ticks in our yard. I always recommend them to others!
EACH of your service technicians has been consistent, respectful, expedient, professional and super thorough in applications. We are always delighted. ZeroMosquitos. Second year of Zero Ticks. No toxins. Reminders of arrivalTimes and notice that applications are complete are very appreciated! Looking forward to being home to see the lawn and gardens this evening. Our kids and grandkids are safe— the scent of the application solution is non toxic and smells beautiful. Could not be happier!! Customer for 5 years.
I've been using Pure Solutions now for two years, and now entering our third season. Their use of safe environmentally friendly products is what drew us to them at first, but it's their dedication to customer service that brings me back. Plus, if you are on the fence about getting away from traditional chemicals, don't be. We've seen radical reductions in the tick population on our property. I now feel comfortable sending my 6 year old out in the yard without fear of her picking up hitchhiking ticks.
We've had an excellent experience with Pure Solutions. They have been our tick and mosquito preventative company for a few years now. The technicians are always professional and timely. We are adding organic lawn care this season.
We've been using Pure Solutions for tick management for over 10 years and they continue to provide great service. José came out for our first application of the season this week and was warm and friendly and very thorough. We'll be happy to see him again in a few weeks and in the meantime will enjoy our yard without worrying about ticks!
Pure solutions has been great for tick prevention at our property. Always communicative and prompt.
This is the best company ever. Wish I had hired them years ago. Customer Service is extremely helpful, knowledgable and flexible. They come on time as scheduled and the best part NO mosquitoes or ticks! They are completely organic so are safe for my animals, bees, plants, etc. I got both my neighbors to sign up as well so the entire block is a safe, bug free zone. We are very satisfied!
Great company, awesome communciation with text reminders about service. I found the price very reasaonable.
Excellent - snow plow service - always communicate ahead of time , and ask customers for approval prior to plowing.Great job! Shoveled walkways and plowed driveway for us. Very happy!
Pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Efficient. Peace of mind in addressing weed and tick challenges with plant based products with the least impact to the environment. I cannot wait to see the full benefit of the work come fall. Highly recommend based on today's experience.
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