Our organic lawn care products and service will help you enjoy a chemical-free lawn so it’s a safe place for your family. Your new lawn will also be great for the environment. Pure Solutions also specializes in providing Georgia outdoor pest control services and products, with the best organic tick control in Coastal GA, as well as top-rated mosquito control solutions for the greater Savannah, GA area. Starting with a soil test, we will formulate a season-long strategy to help you make a seamless transition to a safe, organic and healthy lawn. We begin this process by learning exactly what your soil needs to maintain a lush, healthy lawn.  Get a FREE lawn lawn care estimate specific to your property today!

Cultural Practices for your Organic Lawn

Mowing your lawn carefully is key in complementing your lawn care- what occurs between visits from Pure Solutions can be equally crucial as the services we provide. Read about the specifics of mowing that can support better lawn care.

Watering Techniques

Each property will have unique differences when it comes to watering (water pressure, soil conditions, sun exposure, etc.) which means there’s no exact science in terms of a watering schedule. Use the guidelines below so you can determine your optimal lawn watering schedule.

How it works

Here is a list of some of the organic lawn care service options we provide that are associated with organic lawn care:

  • Soil amendments (maintain proper PH levels).
  • Soil testing (lab work).
  • Organic fertilizing.
  • Over seeding with custom blended grass seed.
  • Top dressing with compost.
  • Core aeration.
  • Mowing and watering goals and recommendations.
  • Communicating about results and progress, as well as routine check-ups.
  • Natural solutions for lawn problems like invasive weeds.

We ask our new clients to complete a brief questionnaire so we can better understand your lawn and how it has been managed. It is also important to us that we know your expectations for your potential organic lawn care program.

Call us or submit the form below- then we can discuss your lawn and how Pure Solutions can put an end to the chemicals to make it healthy, safe and beautiful.

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Tips & Techniques

A number of companies claim to be organic, but it’s impossible to know exactly what standards to which they comply. Pure Solutions organic lawn care services and products for Coastal Georgia are guaranteed to meet the strict guidelines made by NOFA. We specialize purely in organic products, services, programs and practices- so we don’t offer any kinds of synthetic or hybrid programs.

  • Soil Testing

    Never guess, always test. Conventional programs will advise you to apply pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer in “steps” without truly knowing the reason. At Pure Solutions, the soil will tell us exactly what we need to know and do to sustain beautiful, healthy lawn. By taking soil samples and analyzing them, we can accurately see the condition of the soil and make any necessary changes. Soil testing can inform us that the soil is too acidic, or if a certain key nutrient is lacking and treatment is needed. Learn More

  • Compost Top Dress

    Gardeners call compost “black gold” because it is one of the most valuable components in the composition of your soil. Soil rich in organic matter will act as a sponge and retain water and nutrients so they are available for the plants’ root system. Compost also adds to or replaces the energy in the soil, which is important for soil health. By applying ¼ inch of compost over the lawn (top dressing) we not only aid the soil texture, but we add beneficial organisms to the soil. Learn More

  • Mowing

    Mowing is probably the most misunderstood part of lawn care because the importance of its details and specifics is underestimated.  Mowing is also the most incorrectly performed part of lawn care. A sharp blade is always needed because dull blades will rip out the grass and leave any wounded grass susceptible to disease. Set the mower high and by cutting the grass higher, you will be promoting a deeper root system. Also, taller grass will shade the soil so that the seeds of weeds will not be allowed to germinate. Learn More