Ticks in Georgia

There are more ticks now than ever. Ticks are active from early spring through fall and pose a health threat to you and your family and pets. Over the past two decades, tick-borne illness has increased, especially in the Southeast. A customized tick control program for your property will eliminate ticks in all life-stages without using unsafe materials, like toxic chemicals. Some ticks go dormant during the winter, but most ticks stay active as long as temperatures remain above freezing. Consistent and routine natural tick control treatments to your property are crucial in eliminating tick populations. Protect against bites around the home to prevent tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease. Get started today- download our free Tick Information Card.

How it works

  • We customize a program that’s specific to your property- one that targets all ticks.
  • Treatments on your property of PROGAEA™ Tick & Mosquito eliminates all ticks in all life-stages and over time, areas treated by Pure Solutions will create a residual barrier that protects your entire property between treatments.
  • Late fall treatments target adult blacklegged ticks. Eliminating these ticks will prevent thousands of eggs from being laid before the winter and will greatly reduce future tick populations on your property.

Protect yourself and your family- contact Pure Solutions, the leader in organic pest control in Coastal Georgia and the greater Savannah area, and enjoy the great outdoors with top-rated products and services to kill mosquitoes and eliminate ticks in Georgia.