Benjamin of Framingham, MA

After Pure began their treatments, we didn’t see another tick for the rest of the summer.

Dave of Holliston, MA

The Pure team was available and responsive throughout the entire season- not just at the beginning when they were first seeking our business.

Terri of Sudbury, MA

They have been taking care of our yard since 2008 and we would recommend them to all who are looking for that ‘complete package’ of professionalism when looking for someone to handle and control those pesky mosquitoes.

Rich & Dolly of Hartland, VT

Two of our dogs are greyhounds and quite sensitive to chemical products, so the natural approach was appealing to us…The results; our dogs were tick-free for the entire season.

Larry & Beth

After twelve years of losing our hydrangeas, rhododendrons, and peonies despite several different ‘deer solutions,’ we learned Pure Solutions was branching out into deer repellent services this summer and decided to give it a try. We were thrilled the other day when we watched a deer enter our yard, sniff our shrubs, and walk away without a single nibble!