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Tick Identification: American Dog Ticks vs Deer Ticks [Infographic]

American Dog Ticks and Deer Ticks are two common tick species found in New England. Both species transmit tick-borne illnesses. Tick bite prevention starts with awareness. When you understand the behavior, seasonality, and appearence of the tick species in your local environment, you can better protect yourself and your loved one.

And to understand the differences between these two species of ticks, check out this infographic:

Awareness is the best prevention against tick-borne illnesses. Share this Deer tick vs Dog Tick infographic on Facebook to inform your friends and family. Also, download our free tick identification card.

Don’t forget, both the American Dog Tick and Deer Tick have two-year life cycles. One adult female Deer Tick can lay up to 3,000 eggs, while one female American Dog Tick will lay over 4,000 eggs. To stop the cycle, apply National Organic Program compliant property sprays routinely to your yard during tick seasons to eliminate ticks in all life stages including their eggs.

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