In order to protect our local resources, we started an initiative in 2010 to conserve community drinking water resources by constructing a rainwater collection system at our Weston, Massachusetts location. Now we are beginning to implement rainwater collection systems at each of our locations across New England.

The Problem

Spray services like tick and mosquito control require large volumes of water throughout the season. Most companies source water directly from town water reserves, even during the driest parts of the summer when public water resources are scarce.

The Pure Solution

At Pure Solutions we collect and store rainwater starting in the rainy spring months for use throughout the service season. The collected water that does not go directly towards our spray services is utilized in other ways such as washing work vehicles and service equipment.

For sustainable solutions for your property, turn to Pure Solutions, the #1 natural lawn care and organic tick & mosquito control provider in Massachusetts & Greater New England.  Download our free guide to setting up your own rainwater collection system now!