Organic Lawn Care & Natural Tick & Mosquito Control Solutions

We will get your lawn off chemicals and make it a safer place for your family and the environment with our safe & natural organic lawn care service and products. We provide expert lawn care in locations all across New England, offering pest control and lawn care. Starting with a soil test, we can create a season-long plan to make the transition to a healthy, safer and natural lawn. This process begins with determining what your soil needs to sustain a healthy lawn.

Our Safe and Natural Organic Lawn Care Services and Products

  • Soil testing (lab work)
  • Top dressing with compost
  • Overseeding with custom blended grass seed
  • Soil amendments (maintain proper PH levels)
  • Organic fertilizing
  • Core aeration
  • Watering and mowing recommendations
  • Check up’s and communicating with you about the progress
  • Organic solutions to deal with invasive weeds or lawn problems
  • NOP Compliant Mosquito Control
  • National Organic Program Compliant BTI treatments
  • EPA 25b Tick Control Services

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