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Organic Pest Control Solutions

All Natural Lawn Tick Spray

Tick Control

  • National Organic Program compliant and EPA 25b pest control products
  • Organic pest control that is safer for use around children, pets and lawns
  • You can be outdoors immediately after our tick treatments dry
  • Our equipment is not contaminated by synthetic products
  • Our tick abatement services are environment and wildlife-friendly
  • Customizable 21-day program
  • We are a TickEncounter Prevention partner
All Natural Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

  • National Organic Program compliant and EPA 25b pest control products
  • Safer for use around children, pets and lawns
  • You can be outdoors immediately after our mosquito treatments dry
  • Our equipment is not contaminated by synthetic products
  • Our mosquito abatement services are environment and wildlife-friendly
  • Customizable 21-day program
Deer Repellent

Deer Deterrent Program

  • Effectively discourage both deer and rabbits from browsing on trees, shrubs, flowers, and garden plants
  • Our deer repellent products work on scent first, so the animals do not have to take a bite to be repelled
  • Treatments are performed once every three weeks
  • We target plants that are preferred by deer and rabbits
  • Over time deer and rabbits learn there is no longer viable food sources on your property thus altering their daily browsing routine
  • Our deer repellent solution ingredients are 100% all-natural and biodegradable, making them safer for use around your kids, pets and plants

Frequently Asked Questions

What is pest control?

Our tick and mosquito treatments both kill and repel ticks and mosquitoes. We use an EPA 25b all-natural product called Progaea TMpro. This product is exclusive to Pure Solutions and is comprised of essential oils and soap. This product kills ticks and mosquitoes on contact and provides residual protection once dry.

How much for pest control?

The price of our pest control treatments is dependent on the serviceable area of a property. Serviceable area includes lawn, garden, shrubbary and trees, though our technicians avoid flowering plants so we aren't directly spraying pollenators. A typical program begins March and ends in December since ticks are active as long as temperatures are above freezing.

Is pest control worth it?

Our all natural pest control is effective in repelling and killing mosquitoes and ticks. We offer customizable programs and additional treatments like cedar chips and water treatments to provide the most effective program possible. Treatments are effective for three weeks even if there was light rainfall before it dried and we offer resprays upon request if the treatment was found to be ineffective.

What does pest control do?

Pest control refers to the process of managing or regulating species considered as pests, due to their potential harm to health, the environment, or economy. This is achieved through various methods including physical removal, chemicals, or other methods to eliminate or reduce the pest population to a manageable level and prevent any further harm.

How much does monthly pest control cost?

The cost of monthly pest control services can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the type of pests being targeted, the size of the property, and the level of infestation. Additionally, some pest control companies may offer discounts or bundle packages for regular monthly services. At Pure Solutions we offer 1 free treatment to all new clients who sign up for a full season!

How can I control pests naturally?

Our tick and mosquito repellant products are EPA 25b pest control products which mean they are deemed minimal risk. They are effective and environmentally friendly. The products are not harmful to your family or pets and you only need 30 minutes to set to not be tracked into the house.

Is organic pest control effective?

Organic pest control is an effective method of managing pests because it relies on natural and non-toxic techniques to control pest populations. Unlike traditional pest control methods that use harmful chemicals, organic pest control uses natural predators, beneficial insects, and organic compounds to control pests. These techniques not only provide a safe and healthy environment for humans and animals but also create a balanced ecosystem where pests and their predators can coexist without causing damage to crops or the environment. Moreover, organic pest control methods are more sustainable and cost-effective in the long run as they do not rely on the continuous application of harmful chemicals that can harm the environment and pollute our water resources.

How do you get rid of ticks permanently?

There is no way to get rid of ticks permanently, though if you follow best practices, you can dramatically reduce the population on your property. Ticks do not die in the winter, they mate in the late fall and find coverage in leaf litter, emerging in the early spring to lay eggs. By spraying late in the winter and early in the spring, we can prevent ticks from taking coverage on your lawn and eliminate ticks before they can lay eggs, getting ahead of the population before it becomes a problem.

What instantly kills ticks?

Our all-natural tick and mosquito kills ticks and mosquitoes on contact by interacting with chemicals in their brain and attackign their exoskeleton. The product, Progaea TMpro, does not have the same effect on insects like bees and butterflies which makes it pollinator friendly. What’s even more impressive is that our product is one of the only all-natural products to have a residual killing effect on ticks and mosquitoes comparable to that of traditional synthetic pesticides. That means that ticks and mosquitoes that come in contact with treated plants after the product has dried will die.


At Pure Solutions, our locations offer a wide range of all-natural services. What set’s our services apart is our commitment to our area of expertise – all-natural organic pest control and natural lawn care services. For over 15 years we have mastered the process of organic mosquito & tick control and have been successful in safely removing pest populations throughout the East Coast, including Upper Valley and Central New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, including Cape Cod & Martha’s Vineyard. We provide the very best in organic tick control, mosquito control, and natural deer repellent. Our all-natural lawns have helped remove tons of toxic pesticides from the environment while also saving tens of thousands of gallons of water each year. Our Field Specialists are highly trained, certified and professional experts in the industry. We believe in the products we use because we live in the communities we serve, we see the results and we know we are offering an effective and safer alternative to what otherwise can be a harmful and toxic industry. Contact us today to receive a free quote or to learn more about our products and how they can work best for your property.

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