There are more ticks in more places than ever before, and over the past two decades tick-borne illnesses have increased, especially in the Northeast. Our PROGAEA™ Tick Prevention Solutions eliminate ticks in all life-stages without the use of toxic chemicals.

Identify Ticks in Your Region

Ticks are active early spring through fall. While some ticks go dormant during the winter, deer ticks remain active as long as the temperature is above freezing. Download our free tick identification chart.

Protect & Prevent

Routine and consistent property treatments are key to maintaining tick populations. Protect against tick bites around the home and therefore prevent tick-borne disease such as Lyme disease.

How it works

  • We customize a program for your property that targets tick habitat.
  • Treatments of PROGAEA™ Tick & Mosquito eliminate ticks in all life-stages on your property. Over time, treated areas create a residual barrier protecting the property between routine treatments.
  • Late fall treatments target adult blacklegged ticks. This prevents ticks from laying thousands of eggs and thus reduces future populations.

Start protecting your family today!  And if your pest problems include mosquitoes as well, try our PROGAEA natural mosquito control prevention & eradication solutions products, which work safely and effectively in any environment.  We also offer special pest control for events with our tick & mosquito spray that’s safe for lawns, pets and families.