Make Your Next Spray Free.

Refer a friend or neighbor and be rewarded!

When a friend or family member of one of our clients signs up for a routine program of tick, mosquito, or turf services, that client receives a free treatment. That means, tell your friends, family, and neighbors; if enough people sign-up, you can get your whole season for free! Ask your Field Specialist for service brochures to hand out to everyone you know!


  • You will only be rewarded a free tick, mosquito, or organic turf fertilizer spray if your referral signs up for a full season of services.
  • As soon as your referral signs up, your next scheduled tick, mosquito, or organic fertilizer spray is free.
  • Your free spray does not include additional services such as deer control, BTI treatments, one-time event sprays, etc.

* Free Spray only applies to current clients participating in a full-service program.  All referral clients must signup for a full season to take advantage of the free spray benefit.

Client Referral Form:


Fill out our form so we can identify you as the client who made the recommendation to your friend and send them an email on your behalf.

  • Fill out the information below about the person you are referring to Pure Solutions:

  • Is there a personal message we can include from you when we reach out?