PROGAEA® Botanical Pest Products for Tick & Mosquito Control

PROGAEA® by Pure Solutions is a family of botanical pest control products utilizing proprietary botanical extracts and oils to provide safer, environmentally sustainable methods for outdoor services such as tick, mosquito, and deer control.


For the Best Organic Pest Control Products, Trust Pure Solutions

We offer organic lawn care services and organic mosquito & tick control from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to the Upper Valley in New Hampshire, including preventative tick control & mosquito spray for lawns. Our PROGAEA® family of botanical pest control products are EPA FIFRA 25(b) exempt, which help the community and the environment. For the best in organic pest control, turn to Pure Solutions.

About PROGAEA® Botanical Tick & Mosquito Control

PROGAEA® Tick & Mosquito disrupts the neurotransmitter function in target insects, providing residual control to the application area. The proprietary formulation is an EPA 25b product, making it safer to be applied around children, pets, and delicate plant life, and has no aquatic toxicity. Pure Solutions employs a careful and strategic application method in order to provide the most effective service without disrupting the environment.

The Dangers of Pesticide Drift

Pesticide spray drift is the movement of pesticide dust or droplets carried by the wind to any site other than the area intended. Pesticide drift can affect people’s health and the environment, and damage nearby crops. One neighbor’s decision to use harmful pesticides can affect the whole neighborhood. Pure Solutions’ goal is to educate neighborhoods and encourage the use of nontoxic insecticide solutions.

Organic Lawn Spray

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available upon request.

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