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According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, lawns and gardens in this country are sprayed with more than 90 million pounds of insecticides and herbicides a year. U.S. residents squander a whopping 9 billion gallons of water outdoors each day, primarily on landscape irrigation. We believe there is more sustainable and healthy way, learn more about our lawn care program below.

Mowing Guidelines

Lawn mowing is a stress-producing process for the lawn, but we can minimize that stress with a few simple techniques. Learn more about our Organic Lawn Care services.

Watering Guide for Seed Germination

Learn more about why the seeds need to stay damp until germination occurs and how to treat a lawn with irrigation or without irrigation.

Organic Compost Infographic

What exactly is organic compost and how will it benefit my lawn? Our quick easy info-graphic will answer many of your top-dressing questions.

All Natural Grub Prevention & Control Services

Through the utilization of Pureganix TerraCure G, an organic biological grub preventive and curative treatment, we can effectively control and eliminate grubs from your lawn.

All Natural Turf Care Services

The principals of organic lawn management can be defined as a systems approach. It’s more than just a product-driven program and has become the standard in conventional turfgrass management.

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