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Organic Lawn Care Near You: Service Program, Products & Treatments

Moving to Organic, Chemical-Free Lawn Care is Easy. Let Us Show You How.

For a green and healthy lawn, turn to the #1 provider of organic lawn care near you. Our organic turf care program focuses on feeding the soil, not the lawn directly. This allows for the biology in the soil to do its thing and provide a long duration healthier food source for the grass.As a result the “feast or famine” of a traditional turf program is replaced with consistent and sustained nutrient availability. Learn for yourself how natural organic lawn care produces the most beautiful backyards and outdoor areas.

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Why You Should Make the Switch

  • Every year millions of pounds of harmful, toxic pesticides are used across the United States on home lawns.
  • According to the EPA, traditional lawn chemicals can put children and pets at risk.
  • Healthy organic lawns help offset climate change by sequestering carbon dioxide in your soil.
  • With more carbon in your soil, organic lawns better hold onto nutrients and use less water.
  • No leaching harmful chemicals into drinking water resources.
  • Natural, organic lawn care produce more stress tolerant lawns.

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Pure Solutions Organic Lawn Care Program Service Options

Soil Testing & Analysis
Soil Testing & Analysis
Each year our program begins with a soil test, giving us information needed to customize a plan that meets the needs of your individual property.
We utilize custom plant and aquatic-based natural fertilizers to feed the soil of your organic lawns during the growing season.
Weed Control
Weed Control
We work tirelessly to find options that meet our strict organic guidelines. Our plant-based weed control products are safer than traditional weed control.
We use slice seeding in the spring and over-seeding in the fall to increase turf density, build a thick turf stand and naturally help out-compete weeds.
Grub & Insect Control
Grub & Insect Control
Grubs and insects can be detrimental to cool-season lawns, which is why we treat yearly with the best natural pest protection.
Soil Amendments
Soil Amendments
After analyzing soil tests, we determine what soil amendments are necessary, including limestone applications, micro and macro nutrient fertilizers.
By coring soil plugs out of the lawn, we allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil, alleviating compaction and build soil health.
Organic Compost Topdressing
Organic Compost Topdressing
We use organic compost to revitalize soil structure, naturally feed microbes, helping to retain moisture and adding beneficial nutrients to the soil.

Why Organic Lawn Care from Pure Solutions?

  • For over 15 years we have proudly served our local New England communities with the best natural lawn care, all natural mosquito & tick control, deer repellent and even special event pest spraying. We offer the very best service in areas like Rhode Island, Central New Hampshire and Massachusetts, including Martha’s Vineyard & Cape Cod.
  • Our organic lawn care products are EPA 25b, NOFA and/or OMRI* listed which means they are better for kids, pets, and the environment!
  • We believe in a future where harmful chemicals are no longer used on our lawns or in our communities. This has been our commitment since inception, join the Pure movement!
  • Communication is the key to seeing the best results for your natural lawn. Our client team takes pride in answering phone calls and responding to emails in a timely fashion throughout the season. In person consultations are always available upon request!

Frequently Asked Questions about Natural Lawn Care Solutions

How to take care of your lawn?

Organic lawn care, the most effective and eco-friendly approach, focuses on nourishing the soil instead of just the grass. This involves providing the soil with the necessary nutrients, organic matter, and microorganisms to sustain healthy grass growth. As turf grass is not a native crop, regular soil tests are conducted to identify deficiencies and determine supplementary treatments. Over time, as the soil improves, the need for treatments decreases, reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact. At Pure Solutions, we are dedicated to continually researching new and improved products to enhance our services and provide additional benefits to our customers.

How much does lawn care cost?

Our organic lawn care programs are priced based on serviceable area on each property and is customized based on soil test results and feedback from technicians and clients.

What is lawn care?

Lawn care refers to the maintenance of a lawn, which is an area of land covered with grass that is typically used for aesthetic or recreational purposes. This can involve a range of activities such as mowing, fertilizing, watering, aerating, and controlling weeds and pests. Proper lawn care requires a certain level of knowledge, attention, and effort, and can result in a healthy, attractive lawn that adds to the overall beauty and value of a property. Regular maintenance also helps to ensure that the lawn is able to withstand the challenges posed by various environmental factors and remain lush and vibrant for many years to come.

The main ways to maintain your lawn organically can be switching to an organic fertilizer, focusing on Soil Biology overtime based on a Soil Test, and Adding Organic Matter and Microorganisms with Compost.

Organic lawn care is a lot safer approach to maintain the overall look and health of your lawn. Organic Lawn care can eventually create a self sustainable lawn by increasing overall soil health and strengthen your lawns innate immune system making it less vulnerable to pests and disease over time.

Organic lawn care can be more costly upfront but overtime as we are able to create a healthier living soil biology your lawn can eventually become self sustainable which can reduce the inputs needed in maintaining the lawn.

Using plant and animal by-products are the best and safest organic options as well as compost that is comprised of decomposed organic matter.

In conjuction with using organic and non-toxic products, receiving services such as seedings and aerations can greatly benefit the lawn as a whole. Other practices are not mowing below 4 inches, sharper mower blades, and watering early in the morning and watering deeper as opposed to frequently.

Performing services such as seedings, aeration and composting can greatly improve the overall health and look of the lawn without the use of any chemical inputs. Organic Fertilizers also use natural ingredients that are non-toxic to increase the health of the soil which will greaty improve the health and look of the lawn as well.

The main way to add organic matter to your lawn is using a Top Dressing with compost serivce that is comprised of decomposed organic matter as well as leaving the grass clippings on the lawn after it has been mowed. Organic Fertilizers can also slowly increase the level of organic matter as well.

To maintain lush and healthy grass, proper care, adequate space, and proper nutrients are essential. Soil testing helps determine the necessary inputs for soil to support the growth of grass. Aeration and weed control promote healthy growth by providing the grass with enough space. Proper watering and mowing practices, such as regularly sharpening mower blades and avoiding watering during the hottest part of the day or evening, help prevent disease and fungus. An organic approach to soil management ensures that the soil only receives the necessary nutrients to support the grass, thus reducing the risk of runoff into the environment.

Yes, there is a certain amount of lbs/square feet that the lawn needs and able to absorb. Providing the lawn with too much nitrogen can contribute to the negtaive effects of runoff in water ways as well as diminishing the root system and can cause damage to the grass itself.

Performing a Seeding and Fertilizer serivce in conjunction with each other can be very beneficial in the spring or fall.

Starting with a soil test will help determine exactly what is needed to help create a healthier living soil biology, and customizing the program to what you lawn specifically needs. Performing seedings, aeration, fertilization and top dressing with organic compost are usually involved to best re-establish or help rejuvenate a lawn, depending on the specific state of your turn, and other environmental conditions.

An organic lawn uses only natural methods and no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or chemical herbicides. Conventional fertilizers and pesticides destroy your soil’s natural microbial ecosystem, causing the lawn to become chemically dependent and relying on more and more chemical applications to sustain it.

This is the vicious circle that most of our lawns find themselves in today; the lawn becomes a “junkie”, addicted to chemicals that are often harmful to not just the life in your soil, but the surrounding environment, your family, or pets.

Compare that to an organic lawn program and its products and services, where we build up the beneficial nutrients and microorganisms that occur naturally in the sort of healthy soil your grass evolved with. By helping the soil’s ecosystem, the lawn becomes more sustainable and better able to withstand pests, disease, drought, extreme weather and other problems.

Allowing the lawn time to thaw and warm up in the spring will help optimize any inputs that are put down. Waiting until soil temperatures are consistently around 55 degrees is a good starting time!

Spring is an important season for lawn care as it sets the foundation for a healthy and lush green lawn throughout the year. The first step to caring for your lawn in the spring is to remove any debris, such as leaves and branches, that may have accumulated over the winter. Once the debris has been cleared, it is time to dethatch the lawn to remove any dead grass and promote new growth. This should be followed by aerating the soil to ensure proper nutrient and water absorption. It is also important to fertilize the lawn in the spring to provide essential nutrients to the grass. Finally, regular watering and mowing can help keep your lawn healthy and looking its best. With these simple steps, you can ensure that your lawn is well taken care of in the spring and will continue to thrive throughout the year.

Caring for your lawn in the fall is crucial to ensure it stays healthy throughout the winter and into the spring. The first step is to rake up any fallen leaves or debris to prevent them from smothering the grass and creating an environment for pests and diseases to thrive. It’s also important to continue mowing your lawn until it stops growing to a height of about 2.5 to 3 inches, as longer grass can lead to snow mold in the winter. Fall is also a good time to aerate your lawn to improve water and nutrient absorption, as well as overseed any bare or thin areas. Applying a fall fertilizer with a high potassium content can also help strengthen the grass roots and improve winter hardiness. Finally, ensure your lawn is properly hydrated, as it still needs adequate water even as temperatures cool down.

Organic lawn care refers to the use of natural methods and products to maintain the health and appearance of a lawn. Organic methods such as fertilizing, composting, aeration, and overseeding can improve soil health and support the growth of a lush, green lawn. However, it is important to note that organic lawn care may require more time and effort, and may take longer to produce noticeable results compared to traditional methods. Ultimately, the effectiveness of organic lawn care will depend on various factors such as climate, soil type, and the type of grass being grown.

Organic lawn care is a much safer option as opposed to a synthetic serivces because organic lawn care usually consists of non-toxic products comprised of plant and animal by-products as well as decomposed organic matter. However, any fertilizer has been manipulated in some way and is created. Fertilizing lawns is not something that happens naturally in nature but with the growing popularity of grass lawns and the need to maintain them organic lawn care is the safest option.

Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn requires a combination of regular care and the right tools to get the job done efficiently. Some essential tools for lawn care include a lawnmower, a rake, a shovel, a trimmer, and a sprinkler. A lawnmower is essential for keeping your lawn looking neat and tidy by cutting the grass to an even height. Raking helps to remove debris and fallen leaves, which can suffocate the grass and prevent it from getting the nutrients it needs to thrive. A shovel is useful for digging holes to plant new grass or flowers, while a trimmer is ideal for trimming the edges of your lawn for a neat finish. Finally, a sprinkler is essential for providing your lawn with the water it needs to grow healthy and strong, especially during dry spells. With these tools in your arsenal, you’ll be well-equipped to keep your lawn looking its best throughout the year.

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  • "Our lawn looks greener than ever, and I can feel good about it knowing it's all organic!"

  • "We have been using Pure Solutions for 3 years now, and have been really pleased. They're incredibly attentive and responsive, have great attitudes on the phone anytime we call, are very reasonably priced. So thankful to have found Pure Solutions. We can't say enough good things about them."

    Bryan F.
  • "We have both Pure Solutions' all natural tick and mosquito control and their organic lawn care services done at our property and are very impressed by the results of organics. Our lawn was in dire shape with weeds and dead soil and after contracting Pure Solutions we now have a lush lawn and healthy soil. They even provide regular soil analysis to show improvements over time!"

    Kevin W.

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