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Learn More About Natural Tick Control and Protection

In 2017, state and local health departments reported a record number of cases of tick-borne diseases to CDC, 59,349 cases, up 48,610 in just one year, and it’s only gotten worse since.

Tick-borne diseases continue to impact the health of many, across New England and the United States, with increases in illnesses, across wider geographic areas, species and transmittable diseases.

Organic Program Compliant Tick Control

Our PROGAEA Tick product eliminates ticks on contact while providing residual control. Learn more about our Tick control program, our method for controlling tick populations and how we determine pricing. Learn more about our tick prevention solutions.

Tick Life Cycle Diagram

Learn about the tick life cycle including the four life stages; four life stages: egg, six-legged larva, eight-legged nymph and adult.

Dog Ticks vs Deer Ticks

Two of the most common ticks found in New England are American Dog Ticks and Deer Ticks. Learn about each species and their differences to protect yourself and your loved ones from the diseases they carry.

Tick Identificaiton Card

Use our tick identification card to identify the life-stage of the ticks you find near your home.

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