A Commitment to Our Community

We are a family-owned and managed business. Our hearts are in this.

All Natural Mosquito Spray
“Growing up in New England, our fondest memories are of being outdoors. As both cousins and best friends, we started Pure Solutions to protect what was important to us- our family, our friends, and the environment.”
– Brian and Trevor, Cousins and Co-Founders of Pure Solutions & Pureganix.

Our Mission

Pure Solutions was founded in 2005 when it was almost impossible to find a solution to protect our loved ones from vector-borne illnesses without using synthetic chemicals. The team was determined to find a solution that would be safer for families, pets, and the environment without sacrificing efficacy.

A Little History

When the path to Pure Solutions began, the company was known as Pure Pest Management. As the cousins worked to find an effective product that would protect their family and the environment, they realized that the solution was the heart of the company, and thus Pure Solutions was born.

Our Products

We are committed to using only the best products sourced from botanical extracts and natural oils. From the PROGAEA™ family line of botanical pest control products for our services to the rainwater we collect with water and rain collection systems across New England to mix into our solutions, we are confident our approach can compete with the harsh synthetic chemicals traditionally used as well as surpass the efficacy of alternative natural products on the market.

Meet Our Team


Our Field Specialists

These are the faces you see protecting your property at the time of service. Our Field Specialist team is trained to deliver exceptional service and provide expertise.

Pure Solution Customer Support

Our Client Services Team

In addition to answering your questions, we provide service consultations. Our Client Services Team is attentive and committed to delivering quality customer service above and beyond expectations.


Our General Managers

Every community is unique. Our General Managers live in the communities they serve and customize the service to meet the needs of their clients.

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