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We believe that you can maintain a beautiful healthy lawn without chemicals and have the peace of mind knowing that it is safer for your kids, pets and environment.

Pure Lawns Director of Turf Care, Peter DiClemente, is an accredited organic land care professional by the NOFA organization. With this training and the resources available today, Pure Lawns successfully maintains properties naturally and achieves a beautiful landscape without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. We are Massachusetts’ #1 natural lawn solutions company. And for turf industry professionals who need organic seed, fertilizer or soil amendments for any environment, from residential lawn to country club golf course, check out the leading organic turf management company, Pureganix.
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A Little History

Peter DiClemente is the third generation of his family’s lawn care and gardening business originally based out of Newton, MA. His grandfather started gardening in the 1930’s in Chestnut Hill, MA. Peter’s father worked for his grandfather and eventually took over the business in the 1960’s. Peter worked for his father and took over the business in the 1990’s, the whole time remaining in the same neighborhoods of Chestnut Hill. “Many of the lawns we take care for today are the same lawns that my grandfather mowed 75 years ago.”

An Organic Approach

In 2007, after experiencing first hand the chemicals that go into traditional turf management and the potential dangers they can pose, Peter made the decision to pursue organic alternatives and offer them to residents in the Metrowest area. It was at this time that Pure Lawns was born. Over the past decade, Pure Lawns has grown its service area and continues its mission to offer the best possible organic, natural lawn care solutions- products, services and expertise.

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Today & The Future

Pure Solutions, a leader in providing National Organic Program compliant tick and mosquito control, acquired Pure Lawns in 2016. While Peter continues to lead the organic lawn care program, Pure Solutions expands its reach across Eastern Massachusetts as well as its never-ending commitment to making backyards safer through the reduction of toxic chemical usage in its community.

“I hope to have the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the many benefits of switching to an all natural lawn. We’ve had great success with maintaining lush green grass without any chemicals and we hope to serve you and prove to you that an organic lawn is achievable.”
– Peter DiClemente, Director of Turf Care

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