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Organic Tick Control
All Natural Mosquito Control
Natural Mosquito Spray
All Natural Lawn Care
Organic Lawn Care
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Protect Your Family, Friends, Pets and Property Without the Use of Harsh, Toxic Chemicals

Our PROGAEA™ line of products are safer to be applied around children, pets and are not harmful to the environment. We have over 10 years of experience delivering effective organic pest control and lawn care solutions throughout Massachusetts. We are a family-owned and operated business; we live in the communities we service, which is why we are so passionate about delivering the best in all-natural tick and mosquito control and organic lawn care services. We genuinely care about our communities and believe our all-natural products are not only the most effective, but also the safest for our natural environment.

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All Natural Tick Control

Massachusetts Organic Tick Control

Instances of tick-borne diseases have been increasing year over year as tick populations grow and move into new habitats. Notorious for their ability to survive a wide range of conditions, ticks are now an unfortunate part of our daily lives. In Massachusetts, we now have Dog Ticks, Deer Ticks and Lone Star Ticks. These insects can spread diseases such as Lyme Disease, Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis, Tularemia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Borrelia Mmiyamotoi, and Powassan Virus. However, with education, awareness and Pure Solutions routine tick spray program, you can eliminate ticks in all life-stages and control the tick populations on your property without the use of toxic chemicals.

Most ticks are active early spring through fall, however deer ticks remain active as long as the temperature is above freezing. To kill and control tick populations around your property you must engage in a consistent and regular tick treatment program.

Our all-natural tick control is proven effective with over 10+ years of results throughout New England. Protect yourself, friends, family and pets against tick bites around your home safely and naturally.

Massachusetts Organic Mosquito Control

Nothing ruins a beautiful day outside like a swarm of hungry mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are most active in spring through fall in Massachusetts, especially when it’s warm, wet and damp. As an alternative to chemical mosquito repellents, our natural mosquito spray program will safely eliminate mosquito populations, which pose many health risks to both humans and pets, on top of being a nuisance. Even as summer winds down, Massachusetts remains at risk for viruses carried by mosquitoes.

Our effective, botanical oil mosquito solution will control the mosquito population around your home naturally, allowing you to enjoy your property without the risk of getting covered in mosquito bites. By beginning routine organic mosquito treatments earlier in the season we can eliminate mosquito breeding and help reduce the population on your property. Start protecting you and your loved ones today.

Mosquitos Spray in Mass
Deer Repellant in Mass

Organic Deer Repellent

Deer prefer to locate an area flush with food and tend to stay close until the food sources are depleted. This includes neighborhoods and properties with attractive landscaping. Pure Solutions deer repellent service lets you enjoy the beauty and safety of your backyard by providing integrated, natural deer repellent solutions that safely keep deer from feeding on your property. 

Deer feeding habits change greatly with the seasons depending on what food resources are available with deer often being most active on residential properties in the winter months. Our deer deterrent program evolves with the seasons to ensure constant property deer protection.

Don’t needlessly waste your investments in landscaping without having a plan to mitigate deer damage on your property.

Organic Lawn Care Service, Treatment & Natural Lawn Care Products

Pure Solutions of Massachusetts organic lawn care services and products will create a lawn free of toxic chemicals and will establish a safer, natural and beautiful lawn. Our Terra Health products are effective and safer for use around people, children, pets and the environment. Our non-toxic lawn care program has over 10 years of proven results in Massachusetts. We care about our communities and the environment which is why we utilize the best strategies and products in creating sustainable, natural lawns throughout Massachusetts. Starting with a soil test, we can create a season-long plan to make the transition to a healthy, safer and natural lawn.

Organic Lawn Care in Ma

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Organic Mosquito Spray

Locally Owned, Community Driven

Growing up in Massachusetts, we spent most of our time in the outdoors. As kids, ticks were never something we had to think about, and mosquitoes were a nuisance but manageable. We were able to enjoy nature without concern of tick and mosquito borne illnesses. As we grew older we began to notice the rise of tick and mosquito populations throughout Massachusetts, to a level that now is something we deal with regularly in our daily lives. Not a day goes by when another story about tick or mosquito borne illnesses is in the local news. We see people covering themselves and their children in toxic tick and mosquito repellents. When we started Pure Solutions in 2005 our mission was to provide protection for people and pets without the use of harsh, toxic chemicals that we saw being applied in our communities.

Through a lot of hard work, education and investigation we were able to create an effective and safer all natural pest control solution. Our PROGAEA® Natural, Botanical Pest Control Products have now been used throughout New England with fantastic results. Safely and naturally helping to eliminate tick and mosquito populations without harming the environment. 

Along with the organic pest control we added all natural lawn care services to our community. It was easy to notice the chemicals people were putting on their lawns, believing they were keeping their lawn healthy, when in reality these harsh chemicals do more damage to our local environments than good. We knew we needed to provide a service to our communities to help people get these chemicals off their lawns and embrace an all natural lawn care program. 

We are proud of what we have built and take pride in the fact that we have given so many customers a natural alternative to tick and mosquito control as well as organic lawn care solutions. 

  • star rating "Two of our dogs are greyhounds and quite sensitive to chemical products, so the natural approach was appealing to us..."

    Rich & Dolly, Hartland, VT
  • star rating "They have been taking care of our yard since 2008 and we would recommend them to all who are looking…"

    Terri, Sudbury, MA
  • star rating "The Pure team was available and responsive throughout the entire season- not just at the beginning when they were first…"

    Dave, Holliston, MA
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