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Our Organic Lawn Care Solutions and Pest Control Products Are Safer and More Effective. We Have Over Ten Years of Proven Results in Treating Properties Across Cape Cod.

Our PROGAEA™ line of products are safer to be applied around children and pets while minimizing the impact on the environment. We are a family-owned and operated business; we live in the communities we service, which is why we are so passionate about our products. Pure Solutions is the premier expert in organic property treatment solutions. Our tick and mosquito control has protected hundreds of yards throughout Cape Cod. We have installed and maintained beautiful lawns from Bourne to Provincetown, and our deer control treatments have proven effective throughout the upper, mid, lower and outer cape.

Pure Solutions provides the highest quality organic lawn care services, organic mosquito control solutions, organic tick control, natural deer repellent, and special event pest spraying. We provide service across New England, including Rhode Island, Central New Hampshire, Upper Valley and Massachusetts, including Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.

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Ticks on the Cape

Cape Cod All-Natural Tick Control

Instances of tick-borne diseases have been increasing throughout the Cape as tick populations grow and move into new habitats. Through awareness and embracing a treatment program with Pure Solutions’ routine tick spray solution, you can eliminate tick populations on your property and minimize future populations without the use of harsh chemicals.

Most ticks are active early spring through fall, however deer ticks remain active as long as the temperature is above freezing. To kill and control tick populations around your property you must engage in a consistent and regular tick treatment program.

Our all-natural tick control is proven effective with over 10+ years of results throughout New England. Protect yourself, your friends and your family and pets against tick bites on your property safely and naturally.

Cape Cod All-Natural Mosquito Control

Whether you are a local Cape Cod resident or visiting for vacation, the coastal outdoors is likely your main attraction to this region. However, being constantly swarmed by hungry mosquitoes is not how anyone wants to enjoy the Cape. Mosquitoes are most active in spring through fall, especially when it’s warm, wet and damp.

At Pure Solutions Cape Cod our all-natural mosquito spray program will effectively eliminate mosquito populations, which pose many health risks to both humans and pets, on top of being a nuisance. Even as summer winds down, the Cape remains at risk for viruses carried by mosquitoes.Our routine treatment program consists of our proprietary, organic mosquito control which will Kill the mosquito population around your property on contact. Allowing you to enjoy your property without the risk of getting covered in mosquito bites. By beginning our organic mosquito program earlier in the season we will greatly reduce mosquito breeding and the population on your property. Start protecting you and your loved ones today.

Mosquitos on the Cape
Deer Repellent

Cape Cod Organic Deer & Rabbit Repellent

The combination of all-natural products used strategically for our deer & rabbit repellent program discourage them from browsing trees, shrubs, flowers and garden plants. Unlike many other repellent programs that work as taste deterrents, requiring the animal to browse to be effective, our products work first on scent triggering their “danger” response, so the animals do not have to take a bite to be repelled.

Most importantly, our deer control products’ ingredients are 100% all-natural and biodegradable, making them safer to use around your kids, pets and plants.

Organic Lawn Care Services, Treatments & Natural Lawn Care Products

Creating and managing a beautiful lawn on Cape Cod takes a lot of effort and knowledge. With large changes in climate throughout the years, having an all-natural, sustainable lawn is not only the most practical option but it’s also the best for the environment. Because Cape Cod has so much access to the ocean, numerous bodies of water and a shallow aquifer, using harsh chemicals can have a drastic impact on the residents of Cape Cod and the local environment.

The principles of organic lawn management can be defined as a systems approach. It’s more than just a product-driven program and the services offered by Pure Solutions Cape Cod has become the standard in organic turfgrass management. We consider more than just feeding the grass; we begin with the soil. If you create a healthy soil it will sustain a healthy lawn with fewer inputs needed. From topdressing to weed management and aeration, we can create the all-natural, beautiful lawn of your dreams.

Lawn Care on the Cape
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Based on 69 reviews
I have been using Pure Solutions for 4 years to control ticks around my yard. It’s all natural and great for pets. Highly recommend!
There is a noticeable decrease in tick and mosquito population in my yard after Pure Solution applications as evidenced by no further ticks found on my puppies and never on myself. We live in a very wooded property on the lower Cape, so given the risks with Lyme disease etc, knowing I can wander in my back yard safely is a quality of life I appreciate! Additionally, Pure Solutions staff have been consistently professional, responsive and personable. They are all a pleasure to work with.
The company arrived on the day I first called them. Today we have no mosquitoes, but our happy bees are still buzzing around.
I’ve rarely dealt with a more professional business than Pure solutions. They make things easy and seamless and preform their job well and their communication is exceptional.
Highly recommend PS! Wonderful team and customer service, very responsive and accommodating, and the solution/treatment that they use is non invasive and safe.
I have had Pure Solutions coming to my property to naturally spray for ticks and mosquitoes for 6 years. Prior to this time I would find deer ticks and wood ticks on my children nearly daily. Now I haven’t seen a tick in years. The mosquitoes have also disappeared so we can enjoy our yard without being eaten alive. I highly recommend the service. And the technicians are all super friendly and kind.
I have been using Pure Solutions for 4 years now and I’m completely satisfied with the applications and customer service!! My lawn has never looked better!! I also get Tick & Mosquito control and have really not seen any in the past 4 years and if I do they always fix the issue right away!!
They started treating our yard for ticks about two months ago. From the very first application we noticed that there was a strong decline in ticks. We like the non-chemical aspect of the treatment, safe for children.Thank you!
We have been using Pure Solutions for 2 years to spray for ticks and mosquitoes. We live abutting a conservation so a natural product was important to us. We have seen a dramatic decrease in mosquitoes and ticks which keeps our family and dog safe without impacting the other wildlife. The product actually has a nice smell when complete. The staff is always kind and respectful. The company texts before they arrive and always accommodate if there are changes in schedules. Billing is always correct and as promised, no hidden costs. Highly recommend.
This service has been great for mosquitoes and especially ticks!!
We truly appreciate how reliable and professional the Pure Solutions group is. We have renewed our contact for several years without hesitation because we trust their service.
We’ve been very pleased with the service. I’m very much relieved that I’m Lyme free since we started with Pure Solutions.
Very effective for ridding our yard of mosquitos and ticks for two years in a row. We also had two weed control applications this year and the results are excellent! Even all the clover died off and our good grass moved right into its space. Very satisfied!
Always great service - I appreciate the reminders and updates via text!
Very responsive and let us know when they are coming and no issue if we have to reschedule! Easy to deal with!
We have used their Mosquito and Tick service for years now. 5 Star service and employees! I highly recommend them! Extremely less mosquitoes and our dog hasn’t had a tick on him yet!
Knowledgeable, friendly, staff. Earth friendly products. All around excellent company with great results.
Tick prevention sprays every 3 weeks. We seemed to have much better control of ticks this season. Staff very courteous.
We have been using Pure Solutions for our Cape Cod property to help control the Ticks and Mosquitoes. They are always there when they say they are going to be and let me know in advance so they don't interrupt my outdoor plans. They are always courteous. We sign up in advance for a yearly discount and can depend on them to be there. They even text me when they are going to be stopping by. We LOVE them! Mosquitoes and ticks sure can ruin your outdoor plans but not with Pure Solutions on your team.
Tick control. Great service, they always let us know when they are coming and when they leave. Very professional.
This is our third year to use their service. The product they use for mosquito control is safe and effective with no residual odor. They are very professional and I appreciate that they communicate with me via text message before and after each visit. I highly recommend Pure Solutions.
Awesome service! Jeremy was fantastic and put my mind at ease. Mosquitoes and even more so ticks are a big concern with my 2 young children. He was extremely knowledgeable about Pure Solutions product which doesn't have dangerous toxic chemicals that would be dangerous to my kids but will keep out ticks and mosquitos. I'm very happy to have signed up for subscription services which are a great value compared to their competitors here on island as I shopped around. Well done! My wife told me good job which means Im extra happy to tell you guys you did a GREAT JOB! Thank you!
After 20 years of living in the woods and not being able to be outside after 4pm because of mosquitoes, Pure Solutions has 100% given us our yard back. We’re finally able to enjoy our pool and outdoor living space all day long! We’ve yet to find ticks on our 3 dogs since we’ve had our yard sprayed! Customer service is awesome and everyone we’ve dealt with at Pure Solutions has been fantastic! We couldn’t be more pleased with this company and highly recommend them!
AMAZING service & attention to detail, ALL Season/Year long… THANK YOU!!!
Last summer we used Pure Solutions for Mosquito control. I saw a definite improvement in the amount of Mosquitos. While they don't bother me, my wife is like a magnet for them. She was very happy.
First of all, this stuff works!! We live in a heavily wooded area and the difference is amazing. Able to sit outside finally and enjoy the deck. Haven't pulled a tick off the dog since we started using them. Second, the staff is outstanding - fast response, professional and very helpful. We have a reception coming up and they do "event applications" which is one less thing to worry about with a large group of people in my yard.
There are far less mosquitoes than there used to be!!
When I found a tick on my son 3 years ago, I knew we needed to start treating our property. We found Pure Solutions and have been thrilled with their services for mosquitoes and ticks. They always notify us prior to their arrival and are highly responsive if we need to adjust our service schedule.Thanks to the team at Pure for keeping our family safe with organic products.
Service technicians were attentive to my requests regarding application of essential oil solution and any changes that I wanted to add, Polite , courteous and helpful ,
We use Pure Solutions for tick and mosquito control - find them responsive, professional and considerate. We have had significantly better results than last year with another major provider!
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Locally Owned, Community Driven

Growing up in Massachusetts, we spent most of our time outdoors. As we got older we began to notice an increase in mosquito and tick populations throughout Massachusetts and especially Cape Cod. The Cape is now at a level in which encountering these pests is something all residents and tourists deal with regularly. Every week there is another story about tick or mosquito-borne illnesses in the news. The increase in the use of toxic tick and mosquito repellents is neither healthy for people or good for the environment. When we started Pure Solutions in 2005 our mission was to protect our local communities without the use of harsh, toxic chemicals that we saw being utilized by many local pest control and lawn care companies.

With some elbow grease and perseverance, we have been able to create effective all-natural pest control solution, deer control program and organic lawn care services. Our PROGAEA® Natural, Botanical Pest Control Products have now been used throughout New England with fantastic results, safely and naturally helping to eliminate tick and mosquito populations without harming people or the environment. 

Along with the organic pest control, we added all-natural lawn care services to our portfolio. It’s not hard to notice the types of chemicals people were putting on their lawns; by trying to keep their lawns healthy, they were actually putting toxic chemicals into the environment. Our all-natural turf care services have created lawns that have stood the test of time throughout the Cape Cod region. 

We are proud of what we have built and take pride in the fact that we have given so many customers in Barnstable County a natural alternative to lawn care and pest control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cape Cod have a lot of ticks?

Yes, Cape Cod, a popular vacation destination in Massachusetts, is known to have a significant tick population, particularly the black-legged tick (also known as the deer tick). These ticks are responsible for transmitting a variety of tick-borne diseases, including Lyme disease, babesiosis, and anaplasmosis. Ticks are commonly found in wooded areas, tall grass, and areas with dense vegetation throughout Cape Cod.

Is Lyme disease common in Cape Cod?

About 50% of blacklegged ticks in the Cape carry Lyme disease. To decrease the risk of Lyme disease, perform tick and deer deterrent applications on your property. Pure Solutions offers all-natural tick and deer deterrent programs. The tick treatments both deter and kill the ticks within 15 minutes of contact.

How do you prevent ticks on Cape Cod?

The best tick repellant is an all-natural product that both repels and kills ticks. The product used by Pure Solutions, TMPro, kills ticks on contact by attacking their exoskeleton and targeting chemicals in their brain, killing them within 15 minutes of contact with the solution.

What months are mosquitoes most active in Cape Cod?

Mosquito activity on Cape Cod, Massachusetts can vary depending on the weather conditions and other environmental factors. Generally, the mosquito season on Cape Cod starts in late spring or early summer, and peaks in the months of July and August. Mosquito activity tends to decrease in the fall months as temperatures start to cool down.

What time of the year do you treat mosquitoes on Cape Cod?

Mosquitoes become active in May, and ticks become active in March, though they can emerge from their burrows any time temperatures rise above freezing. For this reason, we treat for pests from March-December.

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