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Naturally Protect Your Family, Friends and Property in Upper Valley

PROGAEA™ Tick & Mosquito control products disrupt the neurotransmitter function in target insects, providing residual control to the application area. The proprietary formulation is National Organic Program (NOP) compliant, making it safer to be applied around children, pets, and delicate plant life. Pure Solutions employs a careful and strategic application method in order to provide the most effective service without disrupting the environment.

Pure Solutions provides the highest quality organic lawn care services, organic mosquito control solutions, organic tick control, natural deer repellent, and special event pest spraying. We provide service across New England, including Rhode Island, Central New Hampshire, Upper Valley and Massachusetts, including Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.

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Organic Tick Control

Upper Valley Organic Tick Control

There are more ticks in more places than ever before, and over the past two decades, tick-borne illnesses have increased, especially in The Upper Valley. Our routine program eliminates ticks in all life-stages without the use of toxic chemicals. Ticks are active early spring through fall. While some ticks go dormant during the winter, deer ticks remain active as long as the temperature is above freezing. Routine and consistent property treatments are key to maintaining tick populations. Protect against tick bites around the home and therefore prevent tick-borne disease such as Lyme disease.

Upper Valley Organic Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are active spring through fall in the Upper Valley and prefer a warm, moist environment. They are more than a nuisance, as they also pose health risks to humans and our pets. Even when summer winds down, the island remains at risk for viruses carried by mosquitoes. Mosquito-borne diseases are spread to people by the bite of an infected mosquito. Control the mosquito population near your home to reduce the risk. Beginning routine sprays earlier in the season controls breeding and thus reduces the population.

Organic Mosquito Control
Deer Repellant in Mass

Upper Valley Organic Deer Repellent

Deer prefer to locate an area flush with food and tend to stay close until the food sources are depleted. This includes neighborhoods and properties with attractive landscaping. Pure Solutions deer repellent service lets you enjoy the beauty and safety of your backyard by providing integrated, natural deer repellent solutions that safely keep deer from feeding on your property. 

Deer feeding habits change greatly with the seasons depending on what food resources are available with deer often being most active on residential properties in the winter months. Our deer deterrent program evolves with the seasons to ensure constant property deer protection.

Don’t needlessly waste your investments in landscaping without having a plan to mitigate deer damage on your property.

Upper Valley Organic Lawn Care Service, Treatment & Natural Lawn Care Products

Pure Solutions of the Upper Valley organic lawn care services and products will create a lawn free of toxic chemicals and will establish a safer, natural and beautiful lawn. Our Terra Health products are effective and safer for use around people, children, pets and the environment. We care about our communities and the environment which is why we utilize the best strategies and products in creating sustainable, natural lawns throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. Starting with a soil test, we can create a season-long plan to make the transition to a healthy, safer and natural lawn.

Organic Lawn Care in Ma
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Based on 40 reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Pure Solutions has treated our property for several years. Before they came, our yard was over run with ticks. We saw a big improvement in the first season and a continued reduction in subsequent seasons. The cost of the service is worth the safety it provides my family.
We have been customers of Pure Solutions in 2 separate properties in the Upper Valley. The before and after is miraculous. We were accustomed to having several tics on our pets and children every day from May until October before their services, and immediately after we were tick free. The solution they use is nontoxic to our family and we feel safer spending time outside, free from ticks and their infections. Tremendous customer service. We cannot recommend them more highly.
We moved to New Hampshire a few months ago from Oregon, and since then, we’ve had Pure Solutions regularly treat our property for ticks during tick “season” with their organic safe anti tick spray. We have a dog, and our main concern when we moved here both for us and our pooch was ticks. Where we were from in Oregon there aren’t Lyme disease carrying ticks, so we were both ignorant about them and alarmed to have to deal with them as part of life here.Our technician, Stefan, is great! the best! He is knowledgeable, trustworthy, professional, thorough, accommodating, responsive, and always ready to answer any questions I might have, and I am not exaggerating! In addition, he is such a very nice young man. We couldn’t be more impressed and pleased and grateful. Selfishly, we hope he stays with the company forever! ❤️
We've had Pure Solutions spray our yard for ticks for the last couple of years. We haven't noticed any ticks on our dogs coming from our yard. The service people are professional and responsive to our text messages.
This a great service. We have two small boys and a dog who like to explore the yard. The peace of mind that they are not being exposed to anything toxic is wonderful. We live in a very woodsy area and the amount of ticks we saw was SIGNIFICANTLY decreased from the previous year before we had this service in place. Worth every penny not to have that constant worry.
I'v been using Pure Solutions for a couple years now and enjoy being out in the yard without worrying about ticks on me or the dog!
We have used two services: Tick abatement, and yard grass treatment. Both are excellent. The tick treatment greatly reduced ticks in the yard. The grass treatment got rid of invasive growth, and nurtured a healthy lawn. These guys are very good at what they do.
Wonderful service! The treatments help tremendously to keep tics out of our yard without toxic chemicals. Kyle is always very helpful and responsive.
This is our second year in this house and first year using pure solutions. So far we've noticed a huge difference in the amount of mosquitoes and ticks and its nice that we don't have to worry about our pets going out after they spray. Great service!
Stefan again provided excellent, thorough, and friendly service. Well done
Kyle's service is wonderful! Before learning about Pure Solutions, I was nervous about spending time in the yard. We were regularly pulling ticks off our dog and sometimes off ourselves as well. Now we rarely see ticks. We have always avoided pesticides and love the fact that Kyle uses only herbs.
The ticks were the worst we had ever seen them this year, so we decided to try Pure Solutions. We went from finding multiple ticks per day on each household member and our dog to finding zero within weeks after our first treatment! I highly recommend Pure Solutions, it is more cost effective than getting Lyme disease!
Started this service two years ago after having ticks walk across my lap when gardening at home. Never saw another.
Tyler was the technician. I noticed that he worked steadily and efficiently while on my property.
It works! We were constantly picking ticks off ourselves and our dog. Having 2 small children and a dog we were excited to find an organic solution to decrease the ticks around our property. We have seen a dramatic decrease since Kyle started, he is professional and easy to work with.
The first summer we lived here, we had so many ticks in our yard and our daughter got Lyme disease. This year, our second summer having Pure Solutions spray, we have not seen one tick on our property. Our neighbors say the ticks are so bad this year, but we've had none!
As always, tick and mosquitoes spraying perfectly done. Best company for service and reliability and nice, too.
Kyle has done an excellent job with tick proofing our yard, which is quite large. He is very reliable, punctual and also a very nice guy. We can't possibly ask for better service than he has provided us, several years running!...
Kyle is reliable, has a great manner in working with customers and offers a super product. Local, accessible and responsive. It's all good!
Very happy with Pure Solution. A text is sent to let me know when they will pass. The oil seems to be effective because I don't see many ticks on my property (neither on my cat and kids).
Top notch crew and the spraying has virtually eliminated ticks from our yard. I highly recommend them.
We have used Pure Solutions for several years now and consider them essential to tick prevention on our property. They are wonderful to work with!
We have 3 young kids and a dog and this is our fourth year using Pure Solutions. We have been very happy with the drastic reduction of the tick presence on our property, year over year. We are able to enjoy being outside as a family and do not have to be constantly be worried about ticks. Also for me, as a mother and pet owner (and an inhabitant of Earth!) another important component is that their process is organic and essential oils based!
Prompt, professional and effective! We have not found a tick since we started getting our lawn treated (dog and humans). Stef is always so nice!
These guys make the disease carrying pests go away. Very affordable. Product smells great and is safe, which is better than the other toxic options out there. Very friendly and local people. Ticks are growing in numbers every year, so it is great that there is a organic solution. Thanks for reading.
PUR sprayed for ticks last season. Came when said; texted when coming. NO Ticks in the yard and was able to get gardening done!
We’ve been using Pure Solutions for a little over 2 years now. No ticks to worry about since then! Excellent business and everyone is super friendly.
I had service provided by a tech named "Stefan".He ranks a 10+ on a 1-10 scale, 10 being superb!In particular, as the world right, now is so upside down, inside out,& right side up !!!!!, this tech. was honest, trustworthy, reassuring, providing information when asked, extremely knowledgeable about your product andalways completed the applications to the "T".As well, knew about the vectors we wanted extinguished, giving easy to understand information, yet if he had any element of question...would ask at work or research himself to share data with us.We have beenblessed immensely seeing him show up for every application. He has always given us a "heads-up" re: arrival times, and called if weather conditions did not meet application criteria.He is certainly a HUGH credit to your company, if I could, I would secure his position w/ you and "feed him" with a bonus or payment increase. We have recommended your company to SO MANY folks who do not know about your product, need such services, & tell them about Stefan in particular, and how
Excellent company, very accommodating and effective
We have been increasingly concerned about ticks and tick-borne illness, so we contacted Pure Solutions. After they started spraying, we didn't see a single tick on us or the dog. Thank you so much!
We are grateful for this service in our community. Pure Solutions is an extremely effective treatment. We have 3 young children and dogs. Pure Solutions makes it comfortable to be out in the yard free from any tick and mosquito concerns. Thank you!
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Locally Owned, Community Driven

Growing up in Vermont, I spent most of my free time outdoors: fishing, camping, mountain biking, you name it. Ticks were never an issue, and I was able to enjoy nature without a care in the world. All of that changed when my wife Andrea and I moved to Lyme, NH in 2011. We rarely came back from a day spent outside without a tick on ourselves or our beloved dog, Lucy. Our family in Massachusetts started Pure Solutions in 2005, and I witnessed first-hand the success they were having eliminating ticks using organic ingredients in Massachusetts. I knew I had to offer the same safer and effective services to the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. I want our community to be able to enjoy the outdoors without the constant fear of tick and mosquito borne illnesses. Through education and property treatment, my goal is to make sure you are able to get back to enjoying the outdoors in Upper Valley without worrying about mosquitoes or ticks.

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