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Don’t let Ticks and Mosquitoes ruin your day. By utilizing our proven, recurring tick and mosquito spray services Pure Solutions of Central NH can safely eliminate populations from your property. We live in the communities we serve which is why our proprietary PROGAEA™ TMPro all-natural tick and mosquito control solution is safe to use around families, pets, and the environment.

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Organic Tick Control

Central New Hampshire Natural Tick Control

Ticks are now part of everyday life in NH. With some of the highest incidences of Lyme disease in the United States, the Blacklegged tick is causing havoc across New Hampshire. Other ticks, such as Dog ticks and the Lonestar tick are also found in NH and can potentially carry some other worrying diseases. Our PROGAEA™ TMPro tick control solution kills 100 percent of ticks that it comes in contact with, just one hour after application. Our knockdown rate exceeded performance by the industry’s most popular, chemical toxic pesticide sprays. Furthermore, tests showed PROGAEA™ TMPro to be 98 percent effective in tick control 24 hours as well as seven days after application.

Central New Hampshire Natural Mosquito Control

We all know the sound, that bzzzzzz in the air that means mosquito season in NH has begun. Take back your lawn with our all-natural recurring mosquito spray services. We are all more cognizant than ever of the potential health effects of the products we are putting on our yards, around our property, and our gardens. This is why Pure Solutions all-natural mosquito repellent service is safe for use in our communities, around children, pets, and the environment. Our proprietary PROGAEA™ TMPro solution has been shown to knock down 100 percent of mosquitoes just four hours after application. This knockdown rate outperformed the industry’s most popular pesticides.

Organic Mosquito Control

Organic Tick & Mosquito Control

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We Live in Our Communities & We Care About Our Future

Being native New Englanders while running a family-run company means our roots run deep. We are maple sugar makers, hunters, sailors, and gardeners. We live, breathe and love the hills, valleys, and rivers of Central New Hampshire. We are raising families in the communities of Central NH and all of this means…we care. We don’t want to see our lawns, our water, or our public lands filled with toxic chemicals. We don’t want our wildlife drinking from streams that have run-off from synthetic pesticides. This is why we believe in our services, we believe we are bringing “better” to our communities. Our product performs better, is better for the environment and is better for our families. Ticks and Mosquitoes will always be a part of our lives in Central New Hampshire, but we can learn to manage them naturally and safely. A better way for us all.

“This is a great service. We have two small boys and a dog who likes to explore the yard. The peace of mind that they are not being exposed to anything toxic is wonderful. We live in a very woodsy area and the amount of ticks we saw was SIGNIFICANTLY decreased from the previous year before we had this service in place. Worth every penny not to have that constant worry.”

Kim L.

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