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Deer Damage Season

  • Deer identify a plentiful landscape and tend to stay close until the food sources are depleted. Pure Solutions deer repellent service lets you enjoy the beauty of your backyard by providing integrated, natural solutions that deter deer from feeding on your property.
  • Damage to landscape plantings and ornamentals may occur year-round, but is usually most severe in the winter and early spring when natural food sources are limited.
  • Ticks are carried to your yard by deer and other wildlife. By deterring deer from your property, you also decrease the risk of contracting tick-borne illnesses near the home.
Deers Favored Food

Our team will set up a time with you to stop by and assess your property in order to deliver a proposal for our deer control services. Here is how our deer control service is different from other companies:

  • We use OMRI listed, all-natural deer repellents.
  • Our products are safer for kids and pets.
  • We adapt our treatment methods and strategy based on the season and behavior patterns of the deer.
  • Our equipment is not contaminated by synthetic products.
  • Our services are not harmful to the environment or wildlife including the deer.

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